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Partnering up with
exceptional investment managers


Voltaire's partnership approach is designed to preserve the entrepreneurial spirit associated with the most successful independent investment managers.

Voltaire acquires direct majority equity interests.

Voltaire contributes to the growth and development of its affiliates through its institutional placement and product design expertise.

In addition to its investment practice, Voltaire also offers a third-party marketing practice dedicated to private equity asset managers.

As part of Voltaire, Voltaire Energy is an investment unit specializing in the renewable energy and hydrogen industries.

Voltaire Energy relies on both internal resources and specialized partners to research, select, conduct due diligence and structure investment opportunities.

Partnering up with exceptional investment managers.

Our team

Our team.



Managing Partner

Philippe Charquet (Ecole Polytechnique class of 1983) is the Founder and Managing Partner of Voltaire.

Philippe has over 25 years of experience in the private equity industry. He was Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Investment Committee of Viventures Partners SA, with over €500 million in assets under management.

Subsequently, he was Managing Partner at Tempo Capital Partners in London and Executive Chairman of Generis Capital Partners - until 2020 - with €200m+ AUM.


Philippe is now Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Advestis.







Our affiliates

Amongst our affiliates.

Advestis one step ahead
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