Partnering up with
exceptional investment managers

Multi-boutique asset management business

Voltaire’s partnership approach aims to preserve the entrepreneurial mindset associated with the most successful independent investment management firms.


Voltaire acquires direct equity majority ownership in its affiliated asset managers in a framework that closely aligns its interests with those of the existing teams within the asset managers.


Voltaire negotiates each investment individually and helps its affiliates  thrive from the benefits of its expertise  in retail distribution, institutional place-ment, product design, operations, compliance and best practices to enhance their growth and capabilities.

In addition to its multi-boutique asset management practice, Voltaire also provides alternative asset advisory services with its secondary advisory practice and its third party marketing practice dedicated to Private Equity and Real Estate asset managers.


Partnering up with exceptional investment managers.

Voltaire is a multi-boutique asset management house.


Our team.

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Steeve Simonetti


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